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  1. Welcome to: https://www.ArchieNJohnsonIII.com
    For (MaximumProphets Affiliates)

    And to: https://www.MaximumProphets.com
    (The story of how this all came about.)

    When you join as a [ MaximumProphets Affiliate Advisor ]
    You will be provided with links that you can then display on:
    a webpage, text, blog, email, facebook or other.

    And, when someone joins because of your “word-of-mouth” advertising…

    You will be awarded with 25% in commissions of the (Then “Current Membership Rate.”)
    Which will ultimately go up because of “demand” not to exceed $1799.99

    Archie N. Johnson, III (Esq.)
    Max Prophet

  2. As of 24th January 2019
    I am offering my Responsible Traders’ Strategy for free
    as long as you purchase the PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION package,

    You must own (or) purchase your ProfitTrailer Version 2.2
    If you have a prior version, upon purchase of the Professional Installation Package,
    I can help you upgrade to 2.2 + help you with PROFIT TRAILER MAGIC…

    As, my Responsible Traders’ Strategy requires ProfitTrailer Magic
    which is now a ProfitTrailer endorsed official add-on.

    Archie N. Johnson, III

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