“The Holy Grail Profit Trailer Magic Strategy©”


“Holy Grail – ProfitTrailer Magic Strat.©”

a.k.a. “The Responsible Trader’s Strat©”


MaximumProphets’ – “The Responsible Traders Strategy©”

Purchase this membership only if you own the ProfitTrailer LifeTime License (or) intend to get the license.

*[Membership is non-refundable]


Once I receive your LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP purchase, I will email (or) call you and request a Date: and Time:

For installation of:  The Server, Firewall, Profittrailer, ProfitTrailer Magic, and Miscellaneous Applications…

as well as “The Responsible Traders Strategy.”


This is a (1 1/2) to (4 1/2) Hour Process.  And, it can take almost a month before your coins can trade on the system. Please plan for this.

[Installation is FREE as a MaximumProphets’ Member.]

If you already have these programs installed and just want the membership and strat, please indicate this in your purchasing notes.


Installation is done remotely over a secured connection over the internet.

I have already sold memberships and installed systems in: Syria (x1); Africa (x2) and Australia (x2)

And I want to help you to.




Archie N. Johnson, III (Esq.)

371 SW. Butler Avenue, Port Saint Lucie, Florida 34983-1912

Email: Max Prophet@MaximumProphets.com

Welcome Aboard and May God Bless!


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