A great place to go and get a movie.

Computers and Tablets and Cell Phones now account for more than 65% of Entertainment Media as compared to Television and growing. Smart Television Sets are replacing old ones and more content is being viewed via UTUBE and OTHER SOURCES.

Here is a list of LOCAL ONLINE CHANNELS I have compiled.
Generally, you can find television shows from these local stations!

I go here to view CNN LIVE for FREE.

WPTV - Channel 5 News:     WPEC - CBS NEWS Channel 12:

WFLX Fox 29:   CW 34 West Palm Beach:   


I  have removed myself from the cable/satellite services and now save on average about $113.00 a month
(or) roughly $1,356 a year in savings!

I have:  NETFLIX, HULU , AMAZON PRIME and LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTIONS for an average of about $34.00 a month!

I hope you have enjoyed my listings.